Scalpel - Fine Cut, stainless steel- comes with 5 blades

Use this scalpel for fine delicate cutting. Refill blades available

How do you change a blade safely on a scalpel knife?

The blades are extremely sharp so if possible use interlocking tweezers or forceps to hold the blade. Make sure blade is held away from you. There is a groove around the tip of the scalpel handle, in which the blade sits. holding the blade with tweezers/forceps, push the tip of the handle into the hole in the blade, then slide the handle forward to fit the blade into the groove. Using forcepts grasp the end of the blade nearest the handle on blunt edge. Lift up the blade, bending slightly (careful not to snap the blade) slide it forward and off the handle, always pointing away from you and others.

Here is a pdf from the University of Bristol