Metal Clay 3D Creator Extruder

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Created by Bill Struve, inventor of BRONZclay, COPPRclay and EZ960 Sterling Silver Clay, the 3D Metal Creator is a hand-held creativity tool that extrudes metal paste in both Sterling Silver (EZ960) and/or Bronze (FastFire BRONZclay) allowing the artist to create designs, sculpture or jewelry without the physical effort of pushing metal clay through a syringe.


The 3D Metal Creator consists of 3 main components: a small CO2 tank, which is the energy behind the extrusion, a foot pedal, similar to that of a Foredom, which stops and starts the extrusion, and the metal clay cartridge, which the artist uses in a pen-like fashion. Unlike a metal clay syringe, the 3D Metal Creator uses the power of the CO2 tank to easily extrude the metal clay paste, allowing the artist to gracefully design. Similar to other metal clays, completed designs in wet clay are dried, and then fired in a kiln to create solid objects in Sterling Silver or Bronze. Note: C02 tank ships empty. Fill locally at a hobby or sporting goods store.

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