Pendant Hetian Jade, with gold foil accent

 Each Jade pendant/Charm comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

What is Hetian Jade? Hetian Jade is mainly from the Kunlun (Karakoram) and A'erjin (Altai) Mountains. It comes in white, to light greenish white to light green. Known as China's Imperial Jade. Hetian jade has been traditionally considered to be one of the most valuable and well-known varieties. It's a kind of Nephrite. Jade is traditionally known as a stone for luck, wealth, protection and health.

  1. What does Hulu signify in China? "Hu" means to protect and "Lu" means bleassing So a hulu/gourd is said to ward off evil spirits and illness. 
  2. What does the Chinese lock mean? L ock charms aremeant to protect the wearers from harm, misfortune, and evil spirits, and to bless them with good luck, longevity, and a high rank
  3. What does Clover stand for? Good luck and love
  4. What does a Money Bag symbolize? Prosperity, good luck, money and success in Business. 
Get a Heitian Jade pendant and wear it today. Need a clasp let me know and i can add one from $5.