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  • Caldera Paragon Kiln


    Fire silver clay, china, ceramics, porcelain, stoneware, decals, enameling, jewelry, and glass in Paragon's digital Caldera kiln. Glass compatibility and glaze color tests are fast and easy. The Caldera fires rapidly to 2350F/1287C.

    With a separate top and bottom, it is stackable and completely portable. The kiln is easy to carry to seminars. Take it with you on vacation.

    GLOVES AND KILN KIT Can only be ordered IF you are ordering a KILN

    For a digital kiln that can do this much, the Caldera is surprisingly affordable. This kiln comes with a LID SAFETY Switch Turning off the kiln when you lift the lid.

    Canada: Complies with Canadian Safety regulations. We pay for the brokerage and duty.

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