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    Amethyst Crystal Heart Pendant, wire wrapped pendant, Bronze and fine silver.

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    Offering this unique pieces that you can wear by itself or add to your creation. These Amethyst heart stones are stunning so i really wanted to accentuate the beauty of them. Each one is unique. The front shows most of the stone and the back has all the swirls. Each one is slightly different, but basically in this style. I will make them to order. so please allow a couple of days for me to create and ship :). 

    What are Amethyst properties: Protection from negativity. With this amethyst heart, I know you will be surrounded with positive light. All my Best!

    If you would just like to purchase an Amethyst heart click here. Amethyst heart sizes range from just over an inch to an inch and 1/2. Great size.

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