Jump Ring Jumplock Sterling Silver 20g, no soldering necessary


 Better than ugly split rings, no soldering solid close on the jumpring. 50 pack

See video below on how to use 


1. Use 2 smooth or nylon jaw chain nose pliers to grip the sides of the Jumplock at the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock postion, with the opening at the top.

2. Holding the left side steady, twist the right side of the ring a quarter-turn away from you. Place your chain, charm or finding onto the jumplock.

3. While continuing to hold the left side steady, twist the right side back toward you a quarter-turn past the closed position.

4. Beging to bring your Jumplock into the closed position. As you twist back, very gently push the right side in just enought to make sure that thedges of the 2 ends make contact with each other. As you reach the closed position you will hear a click. 5. Twist the right side back and forth very slightly to align the 2 ends and finish hardening the metal into the closed position. The ring is now "LOCKED" securely.

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