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    Rejuvenate - Cool Tools Hydration & Flexibility Solution, .5 oz

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    Cool Tools Rejuvenate was developed by Cindy Silas with metal clay hydration and flexibility in mind. Rejuvenate old, tired clay! This solution restores your metal clay to optimal working consistency and time. This formula is superior to using distilled water and avoids the pasty result that water can produce.

    Rejuvenate is also perfect for adding flexibility to metal clay. Use this solution to create your own clay sheets or clay slip. 

    This solution is delivered in a convenient .5 oz bottle with a dropper to dispense by the drop or larger amounts. 

    Made in the USA. Non toxic.


    To create flexible sheets for the Silhouette, Cindy Pope recommends the following:

    Phoenix Torch Fireable Clay™: 6 to 8 drops for every 10 grams

    Aureus™ Bright Bronze & Cyprus™ Copper Clay: 3 to 4 drops for every 10 grams

    FS999™ Fine Silver and EZ960® Sterling Silver are naturally flexible and do not require any kind of additive. 


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