ProtectaClear, top coat for your metal clay 6 oz Spray Applicator

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* Make sure can is room temperature before spraying

ProtectaClear for High Touch Metal Protection

  • Crystal Clear Coating - Practically invisible on polished metals.
  • Keeps metal looking freshly polished.
  • Protects metal from tarnish, salt damage & rust
  • Help Stop fingerprints, smudges & scratches
  • Formulated for clarity & hardness
  • Excellent adhesion even mirror polished metals.

A ProtectaClear 6 oz. net weight aerosol can is an easy way to protect metal with tough protection. Use for jewellery or other small metals with intricate parts (Covers about 30 square feet - single coat coverage). The ProtectaClear Aerosol has a very fine spray tip will seal and protect metal from tarnish, corrosion & oxidation and keep the metal looking freshly polished.


It also creates a hypo-allergenic barrier between your base metal creations and your customers skin. Enviornmentally friendly, nice hard top. It is semi gloss, so just the slightest bit of sheen. Comes in a 4 oz bottle with brush applicator on lid. Leaves no brush lines. Cure time is 30 mins to touch fully cured 24 hours.

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