Cindy Pope Templates Graduated Happy Pod

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Working together with Cool Tools is a Win, win, win. Good for them, good for us and good pricing for you. Template size is 2-3/4" x 10-1/8"

Includes 12 shapes. Sizes are from 11mm to 35.5mm.Product Tips

To use the template on polymer, metal or ceramic clay, place a plain or textured slab on a tuff card or other worksurface. You can safely rest your fingers on the template to hold it in place. Cut out the shape with a very fine needle tool. Start at the outside corners and cut to the inside corners for the cleanest cuts. Remove the template and lift away the excess clay.

For use on sheet metal use a Scotchbrite pad to give the surface a soft satin finish, then use a scribe to scratch the shape onto Metal.

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