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checkout - payments

Store Credits & Gift Cards are forms of payment and not considered as discounts.

Store credits & Gift card codescan only be applied on the PAYMENT PAGE at checkout.

NO, If you are located in the USA, you can make payment in your either USD or CAD. If you wish to change your selected currency.

Head to the bottom of any page, you'll find the currency selector.

If you encounter any issues paying in USD from PayPal, this is most probably the result of the PayPal "verified address" buyer protection on your account.

Once you are transferred to the secure PayPal portal during check-out, we have no access or input. If your PayPal account and website account address are located in Canada, then PayPal may automatically convert your payment to CAD.

Due to the constant changes in international fund transfer regulations and PayPal policies, we cannot ensure that the following is up to date, but it should help to know where to find a solution.

The most common issues you may encounter are:

1. Your account default currency is set to CAD - make sure that you have added USD as an account currency.

2. There are no USD funds available in your account balance and your account is set to use the next payment method (credit card - bank account) - Make sure that your account is set to "My account balance" as the preferred payment option. Note: You will incur PayPal exchange rate fees if you choose to proceed. We recommend changing your checkout currency to CAD.

3. I only see credit card as PayPal payment method when transferred to PayPal - Make sure your "preferred payment method" is et to account balance. If so, then click on the credit card option, the next page should show your account balance option. - Make sure your account balance fund option is selected BEFORE selecting confirm.

4. You have set the site to CAD, then checkout and have CAD funds in your PayPal account balance. - Change the site currency to USD using the selector at the bottom of the page.Alternatively, you can you can change your preferred payment method when you are transferred to PayPal during the checkout. (Note: you will incur exchange rate fees in your PayPal account if you do this. We do not recommend this option).

Although you can checkout in either USD or CAD, we recommend you use the currency of your credit card source country.

This will avoid additional currency exchange fees being applied by your bank.

Although there a few exceptions, it is safe to say that only one discount can be applied to an order.

For example:

- An Alchemy Award reward points discount cannot be combined with a bulk purchase or sale / promotional discounts.

Overweight products are subject to a supplemental shipping charge.

This shipping supplement is excluded from any shipping discount.

My Account

This most likely is the result of your account being migrated from our old site.

You should have received an email to activate your account. Simply click "Activate" in the email.

You'll be asked to set you password. You can use your old password if you want, or create a new one. That's it...your done.

If you can no longer find the activation email, simply contact us and we will resend a copy.

If you have previously registered an account, this indicates that you have not yet activated your account.

If you cannot find or don't have access to the account activation email, you can contact us.

Due to the potential security risks involved in the distribution of documents, we have removed this feature during the website upgrade.

This also applies to emailed copies. as we cannot protect you from the risk of these documents being tampered with during transmission.

alchemy awards - reward points

You earn points simply by the normal interactions with our shop.


- When you make a purchase,

- When you make a purchase via an existing customer referral,

- When you create an account.


- When you make a purchase,

- When you Like or Share our Facebook page,

- When you refer a new customer either via email or social media post.

You must be logged into your account to view your points balance and activity.

Click the floating "Rewards" button, you will see your accumulated points at the top of your account dashboard.

Click on "Your rewards" to view redeemed points discount coupons available and the history of used discount coupons.

You can also view your account transactions activity by clicking on the rotating arrow next to your points balance.

IMPORTANT: Points can only be redeemed from within your registered account. Although you will receive points for purchases, you must be a registered customer to redeem points.

1. Once you are logged into your account, select the Rewards button at the floating bottom of the page.

2. If you have enough points to claim discount coupons, they will show on your rewards dashboard. Click on "View" to reclaim the available discount. NOTE: You can also click on "Ways to redeem" to view how close you are to the next level discounts.

3. When you click "Redeem", you will be presented with the discount coupon. You can either: MANUALLY: copy the coupon code and apply to any order by pasting the code into the discount box on the checkout page. AUTOMATICALLY: apply the coupon to a current purchase, by clicking "Apply" before you add items to your cart or when you arrive at your cart.

PLEASE NOTE: Only one (1) discount may be applied to an order. This means that reward points redemption discounts cannot be applied to any promotional, VIP member, wholesale or bulk discounts.


All points are calculated in CAD. This means that when checking out in USD, the live CAD exchange rate is rounded to the USD.

Any amounts rounded down is offset by the rounding up that occurs when your USD purchase is converted to CAD value points.