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  • Art Clay Silver 20 gram

     Art Clay silver .999. Torch or kiln fire. Twenty grams of Art Clay Silver, metal clay. Price is for one package

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    The Art Clay series of products are made of pure metal powders mixed with non-toxic binders and water. The Art Clay product range is easy to handle, and you can freely shape it just like with the modeling clay you used when you were a child. When Art Clay Silver is taken out of the package, it is a slightly moist lump of clay. The clay is composed of 1-20 micron sized metal particles, organic binders, and water . The clay is then molded into its desired generic shape, and dried. Once the clay is completely dry it can then be filed, carved, and sanded; after which it is fired with a gas stovetop, butane torch, or kiln. After firing at the proper temperature and holding time you will get a one-of-a-kind pure (99.9%) silver, gold (22K), or copper (99.5%) piece . During the firing process, the organic binders burn away and the resulting silver particles "sinter", becoming denser and stronger. The burning away of binders and sintering of metal causes the piece to shrink 8-10% in overall size while retaining the original form. Once completely fired, the remaining piece is able to be finished quickly and easily for the perfect amount of desired shine. Fired pieces can also be enameled, patinated, or soldered to.

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