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  • Cool Slip Spray - Full & Sample size


    Cool Tools CoolSlip is the first anti-stick product made just for metal clay and metal clay tools. Spray lightly on textures and tools before use for crisp, stick-free impressions. Use as a spray or brush on. A little goes a long way! 

    Made in the USA

    Why is using an anti-stick product so important when working with metal clay?

    Metal clay sticks to just about everything. CoolSlip was formulated to create a barrier between metal clay, textures and tools, ensuring clean, crisp images as you texturize your metal clay.

    CoolSlip sprayed on a cleaning cloth makes an excellent cleaner for removing metal clay residue from tools and provides an anti-stick coating at the same time. 

    Note: Hadar does not recommend using CoolSlip with Hadar's metal clay powder.

    Product Tips

    • Lightly mist the object or texture with CoolSlip, keep spray 8" from item, wait 15 seconds. For deep textures, brush CoolSlip into the nooks and crannies.
    • Impress or roll the clay onto the surface. The clay will release cleanly.

    Use CoolSlip as an all purpose cleaning solution for brushes, textures, hands and other metal clay tools.

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