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  • Sterling Silver Tube-end Eye & Hook

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    • Metal type : Sterling silver
    • Karat/purity : 925
    • Style : Hook and eye
    • Overall length/dimensions : 23.7mm
    • Width : 4.5mm
    • Weight : 1.198 g (0.042ounces)


    This sterling silver tube-end hook & eye clasp is easy to use and presents an attractive, professional finish for chain or cord bracelet and necklaces designs. Attach the clasp ends by soldering chain into the tube ends or use jeweler's epoxy to secure cord into place. A hook & eye clasp is a two-part clasp that closes by simply sliding the hook through the eye. This clasp tends to be larger than other clasp types and is ideal for larger designs, bead strands or bib-style necklaces. There is no special security holding it closed, so they are typically used for less-expensive pieces that have enough weight to help keep the eye in place on the hook.

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