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Sunshine Jewelry Cleaner

This combination cleaning kit contains a 4 oz. jar of Sunshine Premium Jewelry Cleaner with a lift tray and small cleaning brush; an 8 oz. refill bottle of Jewelry Cleaner; and a 2 oz. jar of Sunshine Premium Polishing Cream.

The jewelry cleaner contains natural, plant based cleaning agents, that are scientifically formulated to restore the brilliance of your cherished pieces. And while it's cleaning your jewelry, it's also protecting it! The polishing cream is tough on tarnish, but gentle on surfaces. Your jewelry will be back to its original shine in seconds. It's non-abrasive and has no harsh chemicals so it's safe for all types of metal, including your most delicate jewelry. You can even use it to clean marble, masonite countertops and vinyl. ; Contains natural, plant based cleaning agents.; No Ammonia, Acids or Alcohol; Non-abrasive Tarnish Remover/Metal Cleaner; Made in the U.S.A.