Structural Metal Clay - Kate McKinnon

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This beautiful volume will contain every single thing I know- think- or suspect about metal clay- and I'll show you how I build everything that I make. You might be surprised by how some of the pieces come together.


It will be spiral bound- packed with useful information- with color photos on every page- and projects that take you through work ranging from beginning to advanced. [Featured projects include clasps- chains- rings- links- and boxes.] Also covered in the book are: kilns- torches- patina- finish- tumbling- and a short tutorial on using a hand-held torch to fuse fine silver wire to make connections. I'll also cover safety metal clay is absolutely non-toxic and safe if used intelligently- and I'll share with you my research into different types of metal clay- binder and burnout materials. And, if you torch fire- have a teaching studio- or have to fire your kilns indoors- my friend Whit Slemmons will show you how to set up a professional ventilation system at very low cost.