PMC® Sterling Silver .925 Metal Clay 50gr

Work, roll, cut, shape and fire versatile PMC® like any ordinary clay. After firing, designs made with PMC Sterling™ clay come out of your oven as a sterling silver object. Create jewelry, beads, components--anything you can do with clay, you can do with PMC!


x1 50 gram pack of PMC 925 Sterling silver metal clay

A beautifully silky textured clay that is a pleasure to work with, especially hand-forming elements. PMC Sterling™ clay has more than twice the strength of original fine silver PMC, ideal for more delicate designs and for pieces that just have to have the added strength. 

Note: Due to the copper content in this formula, firing is a two-step process; step one is an open-shelf firing and step two requires a firing pan with activated carbon media.

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