PMC+® Fine Silver Metal Clay 25gr

PMC+ is a great choice for earrings and pendants. It fires at a low temperature so you can combine PMC+ with Embeddables silver findings. Suitable for torch-firing as well as kiln-firing.

Composition: Metal powder (90%), water and organic binder (10%)
Firing temperature:

  • 1,650°F (899°C) for two hours to achieve highest hardness and maximum durability;
  • or 1,470°F (800°C) for 30 minutes;
  • or 1,560°F (850°C) for 20 minutes;
  • or 1,650°F (900°C) for 10 minutes.

Shrinkage: 12%

Melting point: 1,762°F (960°C)

Density after firing: 9.15 S.G. (rolled silver = 10.5 S.G.)


    Please note:

     Every variety of PMC® is sold by the metal weight, not the weight that includes the water and binders that burn off during firing. You get every gram of precious metal you pay for from PMC.
    PMC® has a strong adverse reaction to contact with aluminum. Do not use aluminum tools or allow your PMC to come into contact with any aluminum object.

    *Packaging may differ