Castaldo Silicone 2 Part Mold Mix

Great for strong, long lasting silicone molds. Do not have to be exact in the two parts. Mix equal parts of the mix, press onto your object and wait approx 10 to 20 mins.


 The good news is that cold will not spoil the rubber or otherwise interfere with its use or saleability. But cold will TEMPORARILY harden the rubber putty and slow down the cure time needed. Simply letting the rubber warm up in a warm room, however, is not enough to return it to it usual condition. Uncured rubber of all types is a very good insulator and will retain cold and crystalline structure, if it has actually frozen, for along time. If you suspect that cold has affected the rubber you will need to do more to warm it up. Since QuickSil is separated into Parts A & B, warming will not accidentally cure the rubber or otherwise affect it. So I recommend opening the containers and warming them in an over at perhaps 120 degrees F overnight. The plastic jars will not melt at that temperature and the rubber will warm sufficiently. Please be certain that the oven does not reach higher temperatures.