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Mega Mold Silicon Two Part Mix 1/4 pound mix



Mega Mold Silicone RTV Molding Compound - 1/4 lb Kit

Use to create finely detailed molds of virtually any object or surface in 5 minutes. Mix parts A and B together and press on object. Wait 5 minutes. Mold is readyMegaMold Compound is a 2-part 100% silicone RTV mold making material that picks up the best detail possible and cures in only 5 minutes. Easy to use: Knead equal parts of white and colored compound together until all marbeling is gone, press over item to be molded, then wait 5 minutes for mold to set up. Remove your original and your mold is ready to use. Molds stay flexible and do not harden as other mold materials do. Non-toxic and does not require a release. Carry along with you to capture impressions of unusual textures in your travels.