Gems for Caged Pendants, no holes, marbles, natural gems


 All these spheres & free forms will fit the caged pendants

  • Labradorite Sphere: Nice blue and golden flash. Wear Labradorite to regain you strength - Large size 20mm sphere
  • Blue Tiger's Eye Sphere: Blue and gold flash. Wear blue tiger's eye to gain strength of willpower & metal clarity - 12 - 15mm size
  • Garden Quartz SphereClear Quartz with mini inclusions will expand you consciousness - 8 to 12mm size (will not fit the Wings Cage, too small)
  • Amethyst Sphere: Deep Purple, excellent quailty. Wear for healing properties and to dispel negativity - 10 to 12mm size (will not fit the Wings Cage, too small)
  • Garnet Sphere: Deep Red, almost black. Often associated with Love and Friendship - 15 mm
  • Lepidolite tumble: Super purple mica colour. Free form tumble that is the best emotion stabalizer - 20mm size

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