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Enameling Kit

A convenient and thorough kit includes Thompson enamels and a variety of tools for enameling on silver or copper metal clays.

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An assortment of 12 Thompson enamels covers the color spectrum, including ½-ounce each of 7 cool colors, 4 warm colors, and a full ounce of clear. Tools include trivets, paintbrushes, the Pam East enameling spatula, polishing papers, Klyr-Fire fusers glue, a heavy firing rack, 325 mesh sifting screen, clean-up tool, small enamel sifter, and the revised Pam East enameling instruction booklet. It is recommended to have a base layer of clear beneath warm tones. All included enamels are lead-free and transparent.

0.5 oz Nitric Blue Enamel, Woodrow Red, Egg Yellow, Peacock Green, Turquoise, Aqua Blue, Harold, Concord Purple, Geranium Pink, Mars Brown, Peppermint Green, 
1 oz Clear Enamel
Small Enameling Sifter
2 Three Point Trivets 
1 Spatula/clean-up tool 
1 Brush (mini-liner) 
1 Brush (Fine Pointed) 
1 325 Mesh Sifting Screen 
1 Pam East Enameling Spatula 
1 Polishing Paper Combo Pack 
2 oz Klyr Fire Fusers Glue 
1 Heavy Enameling Firing Rack 
10 Plastic Pipettes