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    Apatite Blue Faceted Round - Various Sizes


    These sparkling Natural undyed stones would be absolutely stunning in Silver. There are some visual inclusions, but they are a very pretty blue and hold their colour in firing. Blue apatite, the price is for one stone.

    Available as:

    • 4mm is A+ quality flawless to eye
    • 5mm is darker blue A++ quality flawless to eye
    • 6mm is B quality 

    Recommended Setting:

    • Prong (optimal)
    • Embeddable

    Fireable: Firing of these stones is possible. Results may vary depending on the firing temperature with slight color changes of the stone possible. Precaution against thermal shock required


    Please note prices are so low because stones maybe slightly over or slightly under 5mm. Save on junior stone cutters practice stones!

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