About Metal Clay Alchemist

I, Carrie Steele, started this business with my bestie Cara-Lee Ireland and the girls father Dick Tse, back in 2006. We all became Art Clay Senior Certifying instructors. As an educator I was drawn to the standardization of instruction that ArtClay offered. I felt that teachers should have standardized education OR be very versed in their medium of instruction. Also, as no information was available online and all the books were in Japanese, we were lucky to find English translations. The best way we thought to get the word out was to certify other instructors who could introduce people to this amazing medium. Over the years we have gone through several transitions and names. Originally we Spirit of the Rock, then Art Clay Canada to now Metal Clay Alchemist. In the beginning, I worked full time at the Edmonton Journal (when papers were a thing), Dick slowly fazed out of the business and Cara-lee developed ALS 5 years ago. Now, my daughters are older and help me with Metal Clay Alchemist. We thank past, present and future customers and students for continuing to purchase from us.