Experiencing Site Issues?

Experiencing Site Issues?

Although we don't store any banking or credit card information, keeping any personal information secure in today's technology environment takes a real commitment. Our recent site updates are part of this ongoing commitment to ensure a secure shopping environment. These upgrades not only meet the minimum site security standards of today, but exceeds this minimum to provide future protection.

However, as the security technology advances, this can lead to certain issues for site users using certain devices or apps. These issues can be pretty minor such as certain features not showing. They can also be pretty frustrating and problematic to the level of blocking access to checking out an order. This is usually the result of the device or app missing the security features designed to validate the users connection.

To address these issues, here are a few tips that will help ensure your shopping experience goes as smoothly as planned & that your device is providing you with the maximum possible security to your online experience:


Device missing updates

  • This is probably the most common and overlooked cause of many issues related to issues encountered on a website. In fact, most issues can go unnoticed with the user not even aware that part of the webpage are missing.

  • For most devices, this issue can be avoided by the devices default setting to automatically install updates. This is not always the case and can be fixed by searching "Updates" in the device settings. Failing to keep a devices operating system up to date is VERY risky and can pose severe security risks to your personal information.

Browser missing updates

  • In many cases, an issue experienced using one browser will not be reproduced on another. The easiest way to check if your issue is browser related is to install a second browser. This is especially true for Mac and iPhone /iPad users.

  • In all cases, it's important that the browser be up-to-date that can also be fixed by searching "Updates" in the browser settings.  


Cookies & Cache

  • Browser Cookie Conflict (All devices) - This issue can result in inability to login to or register an account. This can happen when the cookie stored in your browser (cache) either becomes corrupted or outdated.

  • To avoid this issue, clear your browser cache on a regular basis. This can be configured as an automatic scheduled task. THIS ARTICLE provides simple instructions on how to do this in most common browsers.

Of course this is merely the tip of a very large "iceberg" within the technical issues of internet browsing. But these can be very useful in fixing some of the most commonly encountered issues.

apple logo

Special Attention iPad / Mac users: Identifying the cause as a browser or device update issue can be VERY complex if you are using the integrated Safari browser. The Mozilla Firefox browser has a long history of high performance within the Mac / iOs environment. Even if you are comfortable using Safari, having Firefox as a secondary browser is a good move.

You can safely download the current version for your device either on the apple store or HERE 

If you prefer not to install a new browser, your can always reset your password
NOTE: If you don’t see the reset email in your inbox, check your spam/junk/other/promotions folder.

Safari browser conflict
Our software partner has identified a conflict with Safari version 13.0.4. This version presents a cookie warning to the user, and may not allow login to proceed. There are numerous reports of this happening on many different sites and it is not something we or our software developer can resolve. The issue can only be resolved by Apple.

In the meantime, you may not be able to access your account using this version of Safari. As mentioned above, the use of Firefox is an alternative solution.

Cross-tracking cookies
Our software uses cross-tracking cookies to enable you to login to your account.
If you have your Safari browser (all versions) set to not allow cross-tracking or third party cookies you will not be able to see the login fields on the login page.

Safari – to enable cross-tracking open Safari and click on the word Safari (top left of screen) – click preferences then privacy.

Deselect the Website tracking (Prevent cross-site tracking) and Cookies and website data (block all cookies).
You should then see the login fields.

If you wish to browse the internet and not be tracked after this use a private window until Apple implements a fix.

If you encounter any technical issue while browsing our site, please let us know by contacting the webmaster through the Contact Form subject drop-down.

OK, break over! time to get back to that project.

Happy creating.

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