Textures Jump-Start Creativity

Textures Jump-Start Creativity

Sometimes my muse deserts me.....sometimes I'm just in a slump where nothing creative seems to happen.....  During these periods I often root through my drawers (or better yet, I go shopping online) and see if anything jumps out and inspires me. 

One of my major sources of inspiration are Texture Tiles.  They can be the jumping off point for a design where I base my whole piece around the texture.  Sometimes they add that little bit "extra" to make a plain piece more dramatic or feminine or abstract or ? based on the texture you choose.

Texture Tiles are a roll-able, flexible, washable surface that can be used with any clay.  I buy them for my metal clays (both silver and base metals), but I also use them for polymer clays.  Texture Tiles come in a variety of sizes and a multitude of designs.  The fine line series offer delicate, subtle, lightly textured patterns; the deeper etched tiles give a bold texture that is dramatic and can be perfect for using Cold Inlay or Enamel.  

To use:  

  1. start on a Tuff Card or Non-Stick Reusable Work Surface so you can lift your clay without distorting your designs. 
  2. Use your Rolling Frames or Graduated Slats to ensure your clay is starting at an appropriate and even thickness.  Depending on the depth of the design in your Texture Tile, you'll want to add Frames or Slats to allow for the design to sink in without making your finished clay too thin. *Keep in mind, the deeper the design, the thinner the clay will be at the lowest point.  
  3. Next, use a release agent on your tile to make sure you get a clean impression without your metal clay sticking to it.  A light spritz of CoolSlip  is very useful for this purpose. 
  4. Place your Frames or Slats to the left and right of your tiles to the level of the tile surface, then add Frames or Slats until you are at the correct "cards thick" that you want the final textured clay to be. Peel your clay from the work surface
  5. Now roll, gently peel away your Texture Tile, lay your textured clay gently on your work surface and voila, you are ready to create a textured piece. 
**Do make sure you thoroughly clean your tile when changing between silver and base metals to avoid contaminating your clays.

Texture Tiles are a wonderful and creative way to add design elements to your projects.

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