Although torch fireable silver clays are a wonderful introduction to working with metal clay, it is important to understand that the metal produced by torch firing will not be as strong as when kiln fired. Torch firing is a wonderful way to create small gifts for yourself (or others) while fulfilling that creative spirit within.

Low Temperature (torch firing) Metal Clays

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Art Clay Copper 50 gram pk
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Art Clay Copper 50 gram pack

1 50 gram pack of Art Clay Copper low temp. metal clay. Art Clay Copper can be torch fired or fired in a kiln to produce wonderful copper creations. This pre-mixed copper clay is easy to work with either using molds, stamps, texture mats or...

Iwatani Torch Head
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Iwatani Torch Head

Absolutely one of the best torches for firing metal clay. Nice big bushy flame for maximum coverage for firing.  This Iwatani butane torch head fits most common large butane canisters that can be found locally at big box hardware or camping...


PMC Classic, 31 Gram

With a softer, more malleable formula than the original, the updated PMC® Classic™ still delivers the signature, 25–30% shrink rate—the highest of any metal clay on the market—that makes it so versatile. There are many design applications that...