Fine Silver

Fine silver .999 is by far the number one used metal clay. From beginner to advanced skills, fine silver is perfect for creations that are not exposed to heavy impact like pendants and earrings. But there is so much more you can do, with a little inspiration!

Precious Metal Clay in fine, .999, .960, .950 and .925 variations

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Art Clay Copper 50 gram pk
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Art Clay Copper 50 gram pack

1 50 gram pack of Art Clay Copper low temp. metal clay. Art Clay Copper can be torch fired or fired in a kiln to produce wonderful copper creations. This pre-mixed copper clay is easy to work with either using molds, stamps, texture mats or...


PMC Flex Silver Clay, 3 gr

The clay firms up somewhat but stays pliable enough to bend, twist, shape--even join edges with slip—up to a month later (NOTE: You won't be able to ball-up and re-roll the clay; to do that, you'll need to rehydrate the clay and begin again)....