Base Metals

A wonderful selection and variety of Base metal clays. Base metal clays such as Bronze and Copper clays require a two phase kiln firing. You will need firing equipment such as activated coconut carbon and a container to fire these clays. Discover a wide range of colors ranging from glittering Golds to Ruby reds and of course Copper.  

Base Metal Clays In Rich Bronze, Copper or Silver Colors

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Art Clay Copper 50 gram pk
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Art Clay Copper 50 gram pack

1 50 gram pack of Art Clay Copper low temp. metal clay. Art Clay Copper can be torch fired or fired in a kiln to produce wonderful copper creations. This pre-mixed copper clay is easy to work with either using molds, stamps, texture mats or...

BronzClay 30gr pack
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BronzClay 30gr pack

1 30 gram pack of BronzClay Bronze metal clay. This is a Instructor bulk discounted pricing! This pre-mixed bronze clay is ideal for small jewelry projects. Perfect for avoiding long term storage. Great for teaching a class, these 30 gram packs...


COPPRclay 200 Gram Pack

Copper Clay provides an incredible artistic range. And, because it is Copper, it is also so economical that you can use it for large pieces, even sculptures, very affordably Kiln firing is required to achieve the temperatures to fully sinter this...