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En 2010, aprés avoir vu un article sur la pate de métal, je voulais connaitre ce nouveau matériel, enfin nouveau pour moi bien entendu.

J'ai donc chercher en vain chez mes fournisseurs de billes et croyez moi j'avais l'impression de leur parler chinois. Tous me répondaient que cela leurs disaient quelque chose mais sans plus.

J'ai donc entamé des recherches sur internet et aprés maintes et maintes áchec, j'ai enfin trouvé au Québec une Dame qui en plus de connaitre cela, donnait des cours et en français en plus.

En moins d'un claquement de doigts, je me retrouvais chez elle en toute simplicité, pour découvrir la magie et la beauté de la pâte d'argent.
J'ai passé une journée merveilleuse, avec un accueil et une gentillesse sans mesure, elle m'a fait découvrir un nouveau monde.

Je flottais littéralement lorsque que je suis sortie de cette journée.

Mais cela ne s'est pas arrété lá, encore aujourd'hui en tout temps je peux l'appeler pour des conseils, et par ses nombreux contacts , elle m'a mise en relation avec pleins de gens dont Mmes Claude Sauvé, Marie-Héléne Deneault et en plus encore par son entremise, j'aurais aussi l'immense privilége de rencontrer encore plus de gens au printemps lors de la venue de Madame Haddar Jacobson.

Je ne la remercierais jamais assez pour avoir partagé avec moi, son savoir et son amour pour la pâte d'argent.

Danielle D. Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, PQ

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Bonjour! Je veux ici témoigner de ma satisfaction envers Metal Clay Alchemist et surtout du professionalisme et de l'empathie de Carrie .

J'ai eu á communiquer avec Carrie á quelques reprises au cours des derniers mois et j'ai été convaincue de son écoute , de son dévouement et de son intrét á satisfaire la clientéle.

Metal Clay Alchemist est mon 1er fournisseur , pour les prix et pour le service rapide et courtois.

Merci Carrie

Lucille , Quebec

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Bonjour Carrie,

Voilá une photo du premier cours donnĂ© á l'Ă©cole de Joaillerie de QuĂ©bec. Avec des joailliĂ©res. 

Un trés beau groupe avec beaucoup de talent.

Claude, Quebec

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Au moment ou tout allait mal dans ma vie, maladie, perte d'emploi, etc, ma meilleure amie Danielle m'encouragea á faire des bijoux en metal clay avec elle dans son atelier, pour me changer les idées. Tout le monde sait que la création c'est bon pour le moral

Quand son professeur Jocelyne R. a appris ma condition, généreusement,
elle m'invita á faire partie de son groupe de partage. Ce qui m'a permis de me faire de nouvelles amies qui partagent la méme passion du metal clay

Maintenant je suis une addic du metal clay!!!!!

Merci Danielle et Jocelyne


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.. I do love your fast service!!

Nov. 2016

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My package arrived today - that was fast! Thanks again........I appreciate the unexpected discount. Susan ~Aug, 2015~

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

What amazing service.
Haven't opened it yet, but will do so tonite!
Thanks! Helen
~Sept 2015~

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Thanks so much for the past two days of teaching. it was a great! I learned a lot and will certainly need your expertise in the future. :)) Take care and I will certainly be in touch. Trudy :))

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

Hi Metal Clay Alchemist. Received my burnishers last week. Exactly what I was looking for, thank you!Also thank you for adjusting the shipping cost after the sale. Wasn't expecting it but very much appreciated. Laura

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

Thanks for the awesome course! I enjoyed it immensely and looking forward to completing the certification. I will work on those pieces and see where I get... thanks again! Joy

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Sorry it has taken a while, but I just wanted to thank you for the free gift in my order. It was unexpected but greatly appreciated! So, thank you. Speak/order soon! Jill

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Hi Carrie, I just received my resent order today. Thank you so much for the extra Art Clay and the express shipping. You have awesome customer service. I'm a customer for life.
Thank you again for all of your help. Happy Easter! -Glenna

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I received the package today, Wed! I was expecting to receive it on Thurs or Fri so that's great. Thank you for the discount on the clay. I wasn't expecting that. : ) Thanks again Carrie,

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

Thank you! Much appreciated. Thought I had paid with PayPal, and will be more careful in the future. Love your company and the service and metal clay products it provides! Ginger

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

Thank you, Carrie, for the refund; and yes, the white Satin arrived almost before I could believe it could. You will be hearing from me again when I have had a chance to use some of the supplies. Susan

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

Don't know how you did it!? :) Thank you so much! Having just arrived at our mailbox to grab our mail, I was just blown away that the envelope containing the silver clay & other supplies for my class on Saturday morning was already there! Do you have a secret direct trap door to Guelph!? *LOL* So many other things to worry about and sweat over with my first real class coming up, and so unexpectedly & suddenly too, but now the critical elements are dealt with! I appreciate your efforts so much! So we will see how things go on Saturday!
Thank you again for being such a great supplier!
Georgina :)

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Hi there, no questions, I just wanted to leave you a quick note. The last order I placed with you for 9g pmc3 and a 9g syringe of pmc3 was my first experience with silver clay. No training, just trial and error. And there was error ;) But, I managed one piece as a memorial gift for my sister that, even though it didn't turn out like something from Tiffany's, I was very proud of. I never imagined myself making my own silver pieces, and it's a really nice feeling.
So, I just wanted to say thank you for being there and doing what you do. It's nice to have a Canadian option for something like this, and I can assure you I will continue to be a repeat customer.
I hope you had a great Holiday, and I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

Awesome ! thanks Carrie, I do appreciate the great service! -April

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

My order arrived today - thank you for your speedy service and for free shipping in Canada. Also, thanks for the puck!!
All the best, -Susan

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Hi Carrie. Just wanted to say thank you for the quick service as well as the extra clay and those awesome little stick sanders! You are the best and it is always a pleasure to deal with you. Dana.

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Haven't opened box yet, but parcel is here!!!!!!!!!!!
Saved my life. You are amazing Thanks so much.

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WOW August workshop Vancouver was incredible, intense, ran smoothly, lots of direction and information passed on. Beautiful pieces and friends were forged.

Thanks to Hadar and Carrie for traveling all this way to accommodate us. We hope we did you proud!!

Koodos to theGals of the \'Battery Operated Tool Troop.


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Recently, I purchased clay from ArtClay Canada, now known as Metal Clay Alchemist, for the first time. I was starting a two week break from my work with the Ending Violence Assn of BC. and I was looking forward to time to play in my creative space. But I had no clay!

I hadn't bought ArtClay before because it is a bit more expensive, but I was willing to give it a try BECAUSE I WAS DESPERATE and ACC had a sale.

Also ... I had a bit of money from a couple of recent sales of my new work in silver clay, and I could spend enough to get free shipping. All good reasons to go for it. I called, and got Carrie. She was so warm, personable and friendly that I was immediately taken by her. I knew she had solid knowledge to share and the passion for the art that was equal to mine. Truly a kindred spirit! I received my clay in short order and had a fabulously creative time over the holidays.
Thanks to Carrie!
Gail, British Columbia

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A few years ago I bought my first Art Jewellery Magazine at our local grocery store. Upon browing through it, I came across an ad for a product that you could buy in the form of clay and after firing, it turned into silver!!

As I am potter I was immediatley interested and ordered a package from the USA. When it finally arrived I realized I did not have a clue how to work with it or fire it. After some researching I found ART CLAY CANADA on the internet. I was thrilled to discover they offered lessons for Level One Certification.

I called Carrie Steele, the owner, and registered for the next class. Upon arriving at Carrie and Dicks studio in Edmonton Alberta I was warmly welcomed and started my course in Art Clay Silver. Wow - it was a challenge for me but both Carrie and Dick went out of their way to teach me what can be done with this amazing product. I received my Level One certification and I always have a project on the go. If I have any questions Carrie always come to my rescue. Thank you so much for a postive experience!
Jeannette ,B.C.

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Although all of my experiences with art clay Canada, Carrie, Cara Lee and Dick have been positive I have to say that they have gone the extra mile for me in many cases. One in particular was when I urgently needed a pack of bronze clay from Carrie. It was being back ordered and there was a huge delay in shipping.

I had a huge jewelry order to fill and was panicking. When it finally came in we arranged to meet in a parking lot in the night as i could not make it out to Sherwood Park. We arranged to meet at a bowling alley Parking lot. It was central for both of us. With my little kids in the van with darkness surrounding us I could make out a man walking towards me. Dick comes out of the shadows and hands me a brown paper bag scrunched up at the top. "bronze clay?"



I was so relieved to receive my "fix" and I quickly drove home to rip open the package and work away!


Thank you Carrie, Dick and Cara Lee. You guys have always made me feel welcomed in your studio! I love your company and look forward to many more classes with you guys.

Sandra, Alberta

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Hi Carrie, Thank-you again for your wonderful service.

This is the fourth year you have taken the hard work out of getting a Birthday gift for me from my mother. Since she is 88 and doesn't get out on her own this has been invaluable to be able to count on you!

As a special bonus you always have the package appropriately wrapped! Talk about going above and beyond. I haven't mentioned the personal gift(s) you always send as well that are so appreciated.

It amazes me that you would have "sour grapes" spoiling your life.

After taking a certification class with you I know first hand of your dedication to Art Clay and getting the word out to everyone about this wonderful craft. I do love your new name ( you are very good at that part..I loved the old business name too!).

I certainly hope you will continue to teach, enjoy and share all the wonders of Metal Clay!

Best of wishes and luck.

Gretta, Manitoba

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

I just want to say that you guys are the best! I could easily go elsewhere, but your emails make me feel like I am part of a family and that will get my business every time. The addition of the French next to the English is very educational as well!

I am going back to school right now, so as soon as I am finished I will be back in your store to find the things that make my work awesome.

Thank you for all of your help and gracious customer service people.

~Dana, Quebec

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I think that this will be for the random draw as I haven't had a chance to play with my metal clays yet. I had a flood in my kiln room a few months ago and my contractor has not been able to deal with it yet. At the moment, aside from being a mess, my kiln is not connected up to the vent yet. I am hoping that the metal clay will still be useable even it has exceeded it's shelf life.

Ian, British Columbia

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

My introduction to and certification for Art Clay has been fantastic with the talented and funny Senior Instructors Carrie and Cara-Lee! They have always been there for me with expert help and service! Their brightly lit workshop is filled with tools, gems and supplies and inspiration is always close at hand! Keep up the great work!!

Chris, Edmonton

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

My great experience with Metal Clay AlchemySometime ago, I had booked an instructional workshop. But at the time I had a sever medical problem.

My teacher was encouraging and more than patient.

She gave me inspiration, technique and tools to see me through and create a very positive outcome. Her alchemy freed my inner artisan alchemist and turned me into a patient teacher.

I am now teaching and have ongoing support to expand my knowledge and skills.

JF, Vancouver, BC

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

Taking a class with expert Senior Instructors Carrie or Cara-Lee is always a blast. They keep the atmosphere light even when you are breaking all of your projects.

I think they pay the power bill by selling the vacuum bags to a precious metal reclaimer!
Chris, Edmonton

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

I have known Senior Instructors Carrie and Cara-Lee for several years now. Not only well qualified as talented Art Clay Instructors they pack a mean pair-of-girls on the girls, if you know what I mean.

Rumour has it Metal Clay Alchemy isn't the only chemistry they have or Magic Arts they practice. I wonder why they don't get more men to sign up for classes - oh right - they wouldn't finish any of their projects! The men would all be Spellbound!!

Chris, Edmonton

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

Hi Guys!
Thumbs up on the name change-thanks for letting us know out here is Saskatchewan!

I order from you guys because you are Canadian! I love the fact that the price you say is what pay. No hidden costs. No brokerage fees. Easy shipping. Love it!
I am just a small fish in the big art pond but you guys always treat me with kindness and respect. I like to try new things and dabble with new materials as I encourage my art club kids to do-I am a teacher at a local elementary school.

Your prices are great but the service is what draws me back. Hmm-come to think of it, better go check your site now!

Thanks again!


Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

Hi! I have only experienced your mail order service so far but the service I received was exceptional.

I am particularly pleased that I can feed my hobby habit by purchasing supplies from a Canadian, eh!

Cheers and keep up the good work.

Roxanne, British Columbia

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

I must say that I don't have a lot of experience with Art Clay Canada/Metal Clay Alchemist, but the experience I have had has been very positive.

I set out a while back to find a certification class for Art Clay or PMC and sent out e-mails to several places. Carrie is the only one that I heard back from, and she has been great about keeping me up to date about upcoming classes since my initial contact. I'm looking forward to booking a class with her soon.

The commitment and follow up is much appreciated.

Linda, British Columbia

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

Here is my wonderful story,

We usually say " once upon a time " I think I will have to say it a few times.

It all started in a bead store where I met a girl from nowhere, her name is Josée. We start talking, went for lunch and stayed in touch.

She called me one day saying that there is still places for "Introduction to Art Clay" and she invited me to go with her. I always love new experience so I said yes and went. Until that day I never heard anything about Art Clay or such medium.

When I got to the Jewellery school and met Jocelyne Robertson, I knew something new will happen. We felt like we new each other for ever. We kept asking where we met before, probably in some other life.

The day went on and she often came to take me as an example. Why me? I have no idea!!!

On the way out of class at the end of day, it was decided that I will be certify soon and I remember telling it to Jocelyne. I guess she must heard that often and get no result.

I had the chance to meet Jocelyne again but unfortunetaly not for a certificationL I went to pick-up material that she kindly ordered for me. I remember feeling a bit shy going into her house; she was very welcoming and showed me around her work area and class. She said �it�s here that you will be certify when you're ready.

She also talked about Metal Clay Alchemist. Art Clay Canada, back then and the wonderful Carrie.

Finally after reporting a few times, I contact Jocelyne and she gave me instructions to get ready for 3 marvellous days of creations and learning.

We set the class for the Labor Day week-end in 2011. So I had at least 3 weeks to get ready. Then in a remorse moment, I felt bad to scrap a long week-end so I called her back and we had difficulties to set another week-end.

Finally we got together at the beginning of August. I don't like to be the center point so I was shy. The new adventure and friendship started in August 2011. Jocelyne, taught me like the pro that she is. I had access to all the material I needed and even internet. She really took care of me.

She spoke about the internet site, Art Clay Canada, to buy the material needed for my new adventure. I surf the net and easily found the marvellous site of Carrie Steele, owner of the site. Today called Metal Clay Alchemist.

That girl must be a super woman to work like she does. She makes sure we receive our order in no time and even faster before holidays. When I had question on new article, she always took time to answer them. She also searches for new material and offer great contest.

Then from August, Jocelyne was always available and patient to answer my millions of questions about how and why.

We decided to see each other and create new project. In that class I found, not only a teacher but a really great friend and accomplice. She also gave me the opportunity to make new friends like Danielle, who is my cosmic sister, Joanne, the dreamer and the youngest certify in Québec, Brigitte.

The adventure went on and we made Salons all together and now that 2012 is begun, we plan even bigger. Since last fall, I have a vision, retraite47 (retirement 47). I will turn 47 in April, so I hope it's not only a vision and that my dream will come true.

I'm sure I will have the chance to meet you in person Carrie or even make a trip to West Canada. Long live to Metal Clay Alchemist and also long live to our new friendship.

TĂ©rez , Quebec

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

Hi Carrie,

Thanks so much for the very quick shipment of our order, and thanks for the free templates. Now Kathryn doesn't have to cut out templates out of cardboard herself for japanese washi that she uses for her jewelry because now she has substantial templates not just for PMC but some of which she can use for her washi paper as well (specially the circles, squares, and ovals with specific measurements because they have to match the bezels).

I'm just so glad that shipping doesn't take long at all from Edmonton to Oshawa, which means replenishment won't be something I should be worrying about in the future, so much less stress. I also appreciate the environmentally friendly packaging of recycled shreds to cushion the products, because we can actually recycle it further to line Ms. Wabbit's 'p-pan'....=).....It really beats all the styrofoam squiggles that typically accompany the usual product shipments, because you can't squish 'em small and they're just difficult to dispose of.

Now, we just need to wait for the kiln's delivery and Kathryn would be good to go and start playing with her clay goodies. Thank you once again, it was such a great pleasure speaking with you. I look forward to doing more business with your shop.

Best regards,

Maria, Ontario

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

I have always had positive experiences with the staff at Art Clay Canada, now Metal Clay Alchemist. Carrie often answers emails with kindness and humor. It's so refreshing to deal with people who let their humanity show. One email I received re: an order explained that her dad was now doing the packaging and shipping, so it should be more efficient! I can relate to needing help in that area.

I get quality products from Metal Clay Alchemist. I get what I order quickly because they are not far from where I live and they are efficient about getting orders out. And I always get a bonus! They are a joy to deal with.
Dawn, Alberta

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

I purchased a kiln from you and I admit that it was the easiest purchase I have ever made on-line, no hassel and on time. you have great service and I appericte it so much :)

Lyne, New Brunswick

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

I'd rank Metal Clay Alchemy, top in education, knowledgeable service, competitive pricing, purchase incentives and order-to-you time.

Carrie, the back bone of Metal Clay Alchemy, is a wonderful teacher. Carrie balances instruction and hands-on experience, with humour, flexibility and expertise. Classes offer the how-tos needed to complete your works of art. Questions and support are met with a quick response.

Through my fabulous experiences, I'd whole heartedly recommend Metal Clay Alchemy.

Janice, Delta, BC

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I have collected some amazing stones from this site..it is so much fun! I never imagined I could have a big honking ruby or an even bigger sapphire that were inexpensive because they were "cut by rookies"... that's fine by me!

This site has great deals ... you have to just stay on top of what's offered to take advantage of them, like the two-for-one sterling chains - that was incredible, and a great way for me to get the snake chains that I like.

A snake chain was thrown in for free on my first order of other things and alerted me to the the fact that they were available and would be very useful to me. That is good marketing sense and it paid off, as I have ordered quite a few over the years.

On the phone, Carrie has been very helpful to me in suggesting things I might like (and I did) and in describing things I didn't understand (then I did).

It is always exciting to get that package delivered to me and I recommend this site to others often.

Lucy, Ontario

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

My service has been nothing less than fantastic. I once received an extra packet (50g) of silver clay in my order.

This was only my second order. When I called to let you know about it, instead of just excepting my word for it, you actually investigated to make sure that I did not make an error!

When it was discovered that I indeed receive too much you were so kind and let me pay for the extra over two installments, instead of sending it back.

That is service not normally found in people. There was no panic, there was no problem. Thank you again for that wonderful service. I will never forget it.

Cindy, Ontario

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

I would just like to say that I received prompt, friendly and informative information when I ordered my Art Clay. I would love to win a sample pack so I can try the other metals.

Melinda, British Columbia

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

I have always liked jewellery ever since I was a young girl playing in my mom's jewellery box.

But mostly I loved silver jewellery. I took base courses in making sterling jewellery but I was afraid of soldering and wanting to have a home based hobby, the equipment needed was way to much.

Last May I was surfing the Internet looking for crafts and beads when I came upon silver clay. The more I researched silver clay the more I was intrigued. To make a long story short, I found Jocelyne Robertson who was certified in giving classes in silver clay. I called to get some information and booked my introductory course. I was hooked! This medium was exactly what I was looking for and Jocelyne was just the perfect teacher. She suggested I had the creativity to take the first level certification. But there was two problems. One, I work full time and second, I live one hour away from Jocelyn house where the classes are held. She said to me " don't worry about you arrival time for the class, we will adjust" " take your time, arrive when you can and most importantly arrive relaxed!" ok now that was nice of her but my other problem of taking three days off from work was not an option.

I asked Jocelyne if she would mind doing the three day certification on the St-Jean weekend. Now you have to understand this stat holiday in Quebec is a big weekend with family parties and activities in local parks as well as big time activities in all cities!! Jocelyne did not hesitate in accepting my suggestion!! I was so excited to be able to do my certification on the weekend and particularly on this weekend!!! Jocelyne is truly a great teacher and mentor! She readily answers all questions and more! Even now after 7 months of working on my own, I can call her for any problems and or questions!! She is a dedicated professional who loves her work!

Thank you Jocelyn for being my mentor and friend.

Dominique, Quebec

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

As a new customer, I just wanted to let you know how glad I am to have discovered your website! I caught the Silver Metal Clay Bug about 2 years ago and as much as I love this exciting new hobby, it can be somewhat expensive. I had always assumed I was getting the best price when I was purchasing my silver metal clay from a large U.S.A. supplier but to my pleasant surprise your prices are not only better but I also achieved additional savings through free shipping, no customs charges and less sales tax (only 5% vs 13% in Ontario). Plus it’s always great to be supporting the Canadian economy.

I really enjoyed my recent first shopping experience atwww.MetalClayAlchemist.com. Your website is easy to navigate, you offer a wide selection of useful tools and other supplies for metal clay artists of every level and my order shipped within 1 business day - that's impressive!

I am happy to be one of your new customers!

Judy, Toronto

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

So here's my entry for free stuff (but quite honestly, you deserve cudos even WITHOUT the offer of free stuff!!!)

It seems today that you never get to talk to a REAL person! Everyone prefers to run their businesses BEHIND the scenes, with communication occuring only via computer or the dreaded telephone recordings with never-ending menu selections that simply frustrate you long before you even get to talk to someone. Such is not the case with Metal Clay Alchemist.

After placing my first order ever with MCA (but definitely not my last!) there was an issue with the billing. How refreshing to hear from you in person Carrie, in order to resolve the issue! That good, old 'personal touch' is what a successful business is all about and I hope it rewards you in spades!

It is nice to know that if in future I have questions about your product or services you are only a phonecall away! Keep up the good work and good luck to you in your endeavors.

Best regards,

Merrill Clark, Manitoba

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

Hi, this is a copy of the first contact I had with Art Clay Canada customer service. Unfortunately, my first order came on the lockout of postal service last summer.. Of course, I was a little bit stressed (this is one of my first orders by internet), and I could not wait to get it!
This answer I got helped me to figure out what was going on, and considering the situation, the delivery was suprisingly fast and effective.

So many thanks to all of your team for the great support they provided, I am glad to mention it.

Edith, Quebec

Logo Metal Clay Alchemist

My experience with this supplier has always been wonderful!

Friendly service, helpful, informative, and my orders are always on time.
Highly recommended.

Helen, Nova Scotia

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I have been working with silver clay just a few month.

Showed it to some of my friends and they could not believe it. So, at Christmas no knowing what kind of present to give to my god child , showed the Art clay wondering if she would like to create jewelry with it.

She hesitate for a little while and then cave in. Not believe me how easy it could be to create something so beautiful. So I sat her down and did the first steps. She came back the next day and a bit afraid with the torch and not to sure.. finish with a pair of earrings. Beautiful one's I must say!

That was my present to her.

Jacqueline, Alberta

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