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Gemstone Charts & Information - Free

Gemstone Chart Print Yourself
Gemstone Chart Print Yourself [Gemstone]
Chart of Gemstone Characteristics
List of Fireable and Non-Fireable Gemstones
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Gemstone Size Charts
Gemstone Size Charts [GemSize]
Great Chart! I don't know about you but sometimes when I see like 3mm x 5mm I just can't picture it. This is an ACTUAL size chart to print off
make sure you are viewing the pdf at 100% - smaller or larger will produce and inaccurate reference
Make sure you buy just the right size stones.
Need a color or size we don't have? Special order it in!


Loupe, 20x & 10x power, comes with case
Loupe, 20x & 10x power, comes with case [H20-3235TL]
Folding loupe features two lenses: a 12mm/20x magnification lens and a 18mm/10x magnification lens. The lenses are 20.5mm precision ground, color corrected and optically corrected for a non-distorted view over the entire field. Made of chrome-plated metal with glass lenses. Includes storage case.