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Gold Metal clay

Gold PMC clay, 3gr
Gold PMC clay, 3gr [RG-600981]

This 22-karat gold variety is the strongest PMC™ material made (as strong as 18K gold) and provides the color and value of high-karat gold with a toughness usually found only in lower karats. Its workability is much like PMC3™; it is water soluble and re-useable. Suitable for torch- or kiln-firing. After firing, refine it as you would any gold.
- Composition: Metal powder (91.7% pure gold, 8.3% fine silver), water and organic binder
- Shrinkage: 12%
- Color: Rich yellow
Physical Properties:
- Firing temperatures: 1,290ºF (700ºC) for 90 mins.; 1,380ºF (750ºC) for 60 mins.; 1,560ºF (850ºC) for 30 mins.; or 1,650ºF (900ºC) for 10 mins.
- Melting point: 1,832ºF (1,000ºC)
Priced per individual package; each individual package contains 3g of metal clay.


Art Clay Gold Paste 22k (1.5g)
Art Clay Gold Paste 22k (1.5g) [A-109]
Art Clay Gold Paste (1.5g) 22K

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