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Aluminum Strips, thin, 10
Aluminum Strips, thin, 10 [PMC-Alum]
Aluminum Strips, 5/16" thick strips, 10" long. Use these for making your own cutters.


Finishing Kit - 5 piece set
Finishing Kit - 5 piece set [H-Fin]
This polishing kit contains 3 yesllow 80 grit radial disks, one Reverse screw mandrel, 1 slotted mandrel, one tapered slotted mandrel & one fibre wheel.


Pro-Cutting Blades 3 pack cutter
Pro-Cutting Blades 3 pack cutter [Knf-283]
Assortment of 3 blades, one rigid, one flexible and one serrated. Includes a rubber slip cover to protect your fingers.


Stainless Steel Firing Pan without Lid
Stainless Steel Firing Pan without Lid [BZC-CCPANLrg2]

Large firing pan, Approx. 7 x 5 x4"

Steel container, for firing bronze and copper in a kiln. This comes without firing pan lid as Hadar's method of firing does not require a lid. Check out these steel containers with lids


stainless steel Mesh 6
stainless steel Mesh 6 [PMC-Mesh]
Carbon mesh for firing in carbon/coconut coal. Cut the corners off in a square fold down edges and you have made a cage to put overtop of rings, projects with gemstones. Cover the whole cage with carbon and fire according to base metal firing instructions.
Price is for one.


Tools & Materials

Thick Fibre Paper for multiple use
Thick Fibre Paper for multiple use [D-fibre]
Thick fibre / fiber paper for protecting kiln from steel flaking and carbon. Also used to keep carbon out of rings in firing container. 1/8" thickness 12" x 12" piece


Utility knives, 3 pack
Utility knives, 3 pack [MC-491972]

Package of 3 utility craft knives. 


Mini Mitre box - great for slicing canes
Mini Mitre box - great for slicing canes [MM-Mitre]
Aluminum miter box with 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16 and 1/4 inch slots to hold narrow strips of wood or metal. Two 45 degree and one 90 degree cutting slots, machined for accuracy. 3/4 inch x 1-3/4 inch capacity Use the procutter to slice


Glycerine - 2oz
Glycerine - 2oz [ACC-201]
Glycerin is used as an additive to PMC silver and gold products. Knead in a drop or two to lump form PMC as a conditioner for clay that feels dry. Add several drops to lump for silver clay to create flexible clay, add to silver clay paste when rehydrating.


ClayMill - Large extruder
ClayMill - Large extruder [PMC-ClayMill]

Featured in Metal Clay Practice  by Hadar Jacobson.

Developed with Hadar Jacobson, The ClayMill is designed to allow the artist to extrude clay in a larger format than previously possible, to maximize production (many items can be made from one extrusion), and to expand creative design possibilities. The ClayMill can be used with many types of clays, including precious and base metal, polymer, ceramic, and porcelain clays.

ClayMill's exclusive floating plunger system minimizes waste and makes it a breeze to clean and maintain!

The ClayMill is made of ultra-durable PVC and steel with an anodized aluminum outer ring. Clay is only exposed to PVC and stainless steel during normal operation. This two-inch diameter extruder does it all � from simple three-dimensional forms to large, complex patterns.

Comes complete with the four stainless steel dies shown, instructions, and a sample project by Hadar Jacobson.


Carver, Bead Reamer - cordless
Carver, Bead Reamer - cordless [HDP-380]
The cordless bead reamer is a great tool to smooth and enlarge bead holes. Perfect for carving metal clay as there is not too much torque. Light weight and easy to use, it comes with 3 tips, small pointed, 45 degree edger and large pointed reamer. With a comfortable molded handle, and at 10,000 RPM's, bead reaming is made easy. This unit is powered by 2 AA batteries (not included).