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Bronzclay Firing Pan Large w/lid
Bronzclay Firing Pan Large w/lid [BZC-CCPANLrg]

Large firing pan, Approx. 7 x 5 x4"

Steel container, for firing bronze and copper in a kiln. Comes with a lid.


Ceramic Cylinder Firing pot, with lid
Ceramic Cylinder Firing pot, with lid [CV-01]
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Round Head Large Ceramic Firing Vessel
This large ceramic firing vessel is 5.5" diameter x 4" tall, and hold 32oz of activated carbon. Use this ceramic vessel for firing metal clay that requires activated carbon.
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Coal Carbon, 2 pounds
Coal Carbon, 2 pounds [rg-703204]
For use in your firing container for BronzClay.
Price is for 2 pounds of coal carbon.
For Coconut carbon click here


Coconut Carbon 2 pounds
Coconut Carbon 2 pounds [Had-Coco]
This is the coconut Carbon used and recommended by Hadar Jacobson for her special brand of clays. We have imported it for the success of the Canadian Metal Clay Artists. This is lots of carbon :)
All discounts apply!
For Coal Carbon click here

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Fiber Board
Fiber Board [D-009]
Fiber Board 6" x 6"


Fiber Brick
Fiber Brick [F-081]
Fiber Brick 4" x 6" x 1 1/2"


Fiber Paper - 5 sheets -
Fiber Paper - 5 sheets - [R-018]
New lower price, 
Line your kiln shelf for a one time use. Quick and convenient works great with glass too.

Fiber Paper - 5 sheets of 5" x 5"


FiberFuse Paragon Kiln, 1 only
FiberFuse Paragon Kiln, 1 only [FibreFuse]
SAVE ON This is a brand new kiln, that we accidentally ordered.  Manufacture warranty with serial number.
Cost brand new is 1365 US which is 1829 Cad
Click to see all of the kiln details. 
Free shipping in Edmonton only.
All other locations please email me carrie@metalclayalchemist for shipping quote. It will likely be a min. of $150 to 400 (remote or farther away from Edmonton).


Kiln blocks 1, 4 pk square 1
Kiln blocks 1, 4 pk square 1 [P-Kilnblk]
4 X 1"  square kiln posts to separate shelves.


Kiln Cement for Brick Kilns
Kiln Cement for Brick Kilns [kiln-cement]
If you have a brick kiln like a caldera or firefly, this kiln cement can help you with cracks and chips.


Kiln Wash- to prep kiln
Kiln Wash- to prep kiln [kiln-wash]
Kiln wash can be used on your kiln and/or kiln shelves to prevent glass and other materials from sticking to your kiln.



Max Flame - Butane Torch
Max Flame - Butane Torch [SOL-302EU]
Our Max Flame butane torches feature a large flame nozzle which is desirable for many applications. Features include adjustable flame quick refill design safety lock ergo design electronic ignition and a maximum temperature of 2450F.


No Flake Firing Foil (2 sheets)
No Flake Firing Foil (2 sheets) [ACC-600]
Keep your kiln clean with this specal
Make a custom sized firing box that won't flake
in the kiln.
Use the box to fire any brand and type of fast fire metal clay that requires carbon firing. No-Flake Firing Foil can be fired multiple times without ever flaking
For other steel container options click here

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Pyrolite adhesive for muffle kilns
Pyrolite adhesive for muffle kilns [Pyrolite]
Pyrolite can fill and repair cracks and gaps in your muffle kiln, like SC2 and SC3


Soft Fiber/Fibre Blanket 5x6x1
Soft Fiber/Fibre Blanket 5x6x1 [D-011]
Soft Fiber Blanket 5" x 6" x 1"


Solder Pick - Wooden Handle
Solder Pick - Wooden Handle [SOL-302]
Use this pick while soldering to hold and place solder and to hold and position parts while soldering.
Also works great with metal clay templates so that you can make small precision holes for cutting out design. Prevents dragging of metal clay and prevents ruining of your texture!! A must have!


Stainless Steel Net
Stainless Steel Net [F-018]
Stainless Steel net for stovetop firing. (6" x 6") Can also be used for drying pieces.


Tongs, Tweezers, copper, curved
Tongs, Tweezers, copper, curved [TW501]
Use these copper tongs when you are working with pickle. Copper will not contaminate your pickle.


Soft Fiber/Fibre Blanket - x-large
Soft Fiber/Fibre Blanket - x-large [D-012]
Extra large size fibre/fiber blanket. 12" x 10" x 1"

Great material for wrapping up your metal clay pieces and keeping even heat while keeping your kiln clean.

Smaller sizes available click here


Ceramic Fiber Shelf
Ceramic Fiber Shelf [P-KilnSlf]
6" X " X 1/4" Ceramic Fiber Shelf. This is a permanent shelf that you can use over and over. Will not disintegrate.
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Piezo Torch - Self Igniting
Piezo Torch - Self Igniting [ACC-Piezo]
This is a great little self igniting torch. A good buy and will last for quite awhile


Iwatani Torch Head
Iwatani Torch Head [Iwatani]
Iwatani butane torch. Use the bigger cheaper canisters from Canadian Tire or other hardware stores. Adjustable head for gas to get a pin torch or a nice bushy flame. Automatic start. Great for travelling, can travel on a plane, as butane is not attached.